In house design, oustanding customer, service and quick warranty repairs are behind everything we do. Delivery across Canada to our Montreal, Quebec location, or across the United States to our Champlain New York location. SQ is a specialized manufacturer of ceiling and wall computer stations. Our shop is located in the greater Montreal region. Production also comes from contract manufacturers, mainly, in China. However, all designs, services and quality control is kept right here in Canada. SQ designs and manufactures double articulated solutions for the Operating Room (OR), as well as solutions for walls and hallways. Our main focus is on decentralized computing, mostly in critical and semi-critical environments, and it's incumbent interaction design, essential in any modern healthcare design. Our solutions combine the computer, monitor, arm, and all the wiring thus achieving a completely integrated front end solution with monitors of up to 30". Critical arms for the surgical operating room are mainly designed for ceiling implementation, but may also be installed on a wall's high space. Semi-critical arms as well as our wall and hallway computers can replace any typical computer; anywhere within a hospital or dental operatory, or anywhere a wall computer is required.

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